Piano concerto the elements

Instrumentation: 2233 4331 timp+2 hp pno str
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Duration: 23:00 (4 movements)
Story:  Piano Concerto #1: The Elements is divided into four movements:
I. Earth-Metal
II. Water-Ice
III. Fire-Lightning
IV. Air-Tornado

Each movement of the work seeks to portray an element and one of its “perversions” – a form of that element that has been altered by man or by nature.  The same musical motive (a group of three parallel fourths) is used to represent each of the basic elements, and that motive has been altered in different ways to depict the perversions.

Each movement also makes literal use of its element: log drums, timpani coated in metal coins, metal chains, an anvil, crystal glasses filled with water, thunder sheets, breath noises, a siren, and wind chimes all represent their respective elements. 

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